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  • Discover


    This is the phase in which WAi Technologies gathers and evaluates information about the project, target audience and proposed market, The process allows us to get an extensive and in-depth understanding of the objectives, scope, and constraints of the project.

  • Define


    Observations are then analyzed to define core problems that have been identified.

  • Ideate


    The output of the Define stage is a human-centered problem statement. We use this to come up with out-of-the box solutions using various ideation techniques that include Brainstorm, Worst Possible Idea, Brainwrite, and SCAMPER.

    The first two encourage thinking beyond traditional boundaries and in expanding the scope of the problem. The ideas generated are explored to examine and assess the best ways to solve or bypass the problem.

  • Design


    The design team in this stage creates numerous mockups of the product to understand any problems faced prior to this. The solutions then are assimilated and tested further to eliminate problems. At this juncture, the design team has an understanding of limitations and potential user interactivity with the application or product.

  • Testing


    Testing is an iterative process, resulting in problems being redefined and the ways in which people react. This final stage reduces iterative costs in the development stage.

We specialize in

We specialize in

The basis of the Development phase in the front-end is HTML/CSS: Hypertext Markup language (HTML) and Cascading style sheets (CSS) that ensure that elements, attributes, and others are aligned with the designs produced

Responsive apps need a responsive design. Responsiveness ensures that the application can adapt and bring the best experience to users on any device, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using various settings, create responsive web design, delivering different style properties based on the screen size, resolution, color capability, and other features of the user’s device.

Angular - A modern web developer’s platform for web, mobile, desktop applications, Angular uses modern web application capabilities to deliver app like experiences, high performance, offline and zero step installation for Progressive web apps.

React -Makes it easy to create interactive UIs and design simple views for each state in your application

We specialize in

  • Animated Illustrations

    Animation is one of the most effective ways of telling stories about your brand, product or service, adding a natural and human feel to the overall experience of our products, and making them stand out.

  • Neumorphism

    The term is derived from skeuomorphism which creates elements in a realistic way to match real life objects. In latest design trends, AR and VR may make way for skeuomorphic designs with the modernized and modified name Neumorphism.

  • Asymmetrical layouts

    Traditional template-based layouts are now things of the past. The use of asymmetrical layouts add a lot of dynamism, character and personality to our design.

  • Micro-interactions

    Likes on social media platforms are an example of micro-interactions. They exist in every application or website, and frequently these interactions are so blended that one may not even notice them. The rule of thumb is 20% of actions should produce 80% results.

  • 3D Graphics

    Widely used in gaming and animation, 3D graphics is now trending in Web/mobile applications with new web browser capabilities, providing a WOW factor.

  • Story Telling

    The story telling technique transfers data to users in the most informative and creative way, helping to create positive emotions and relationships between the brand and users.


Life Guru: Cross Platform Application With Cutting Edge Technology to Manage and Protect Customer Wealth.

A large Wealth Management company required a platform to grow, manage and protect the wealth of its customers. This platform would have features for Investment Management, Risk Management, Planning of Estate, Taxes and Charities.

Life Guru single case study