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Service Offerings / User Experience

  • Discover existing & foreseen challenges
  • SWOT Analysis - Competitors and what they offer
  • Stakeholder interviews & Surveys
  • Identify & Analyze Problem statements
  • Create Personas & empathy maps
  • Brainstorming with Clients
  • Create Information Architechture
  • User flow and User Journey- identifying touchpoints
  • Create Low fidelity Wireframes to understand complete Journey/flow
  • Create visual Elements and style guides based on audience tastes and requirements
  • Sprint Planning
  • Usability testing wherein Frontend team interacts with real time users to gauge feasibility and gaps
  • Final testing to validate application pre-deployment
  • Define App business goals
  • Expected long/Short term Objectives
  • Persona based Journeys and challenges
  • Identify your application differentiators
  • Create virtual application prototypes
  • Testing Prototypes to identify how user achieves end goal.
  • Iterate designs and re-test to pre-fix issues prior development

We specialize in


HTML/CSS acts like a foundation in development phase: Hypertext Markup language (HTML) and Cascading style sheets (CSS) which ensures elements, attributes, and others are aligned with the designs.

Responsive Apps

Applications need to be responsive ensuring adaptability and best experience to users on any device. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with various settings, create responsive web design, delivering different style properties based on screen size, resolution, color capability and user's device settings.

Front-End Development

Angular - A modern developer's platform for web, mobile, desktop applications. It uses modern web application capabilities to deliver app like experiences, high performance, offline & zero step installation for Progressive web apps.

React - Makes it easy to create interactive UIs and design simple views for each state in your application

We specialize in

  • Animated Illustrations

    Visuals are effective in story telling and connecting with your users, adding an intuitive experience with our products.

  • Neumorphism

    The term is derived from skeuomorphism which creates elements in a realistic way to match real life objects. In latest design trends, AR and VR may make way for skeuomorphic designs with the modernized and modified name Neumorphism.

  • Asymmetrical layouts

    Traditional template-based layouts are things of past. The use of asymmetrical layouts adds dynamism, character and personality to designs.

  • Micro-interactions

    They are pre-dominant in every interactive applications or websites. They are set in motion whenever user initiates action. Micro interactions are indicative of Change in stages.

  • 3D Graphics

    Widely used in gaming and animation, 3D graphics is now trending in Web/mobile applications with new web browser capabilities, providing a WOW factor.

  • Story Telling

    The story telling techique transfers data to users in the most informative and interesting way, helping build positive emotions and relationships with the User interface.


Life Guru: Cross Platform Application With Cutting Edge Technology to Manage and Protect Customer Wealth.

A large Wealth Management company required a platform to grow, manage and protect wealth of customers. This platform has features for Investment Management, Risk Management, Planning of Estate, Taxes and Charities.

Life Guru single case study