Our Experience Helps You Achieve Business Objectives Faster

Service Offerings / Framework expertise

wai technologies has extensive experience in coding and delivering various projects with ASP.NET Zero and ABP.IO framework, helping clients achieve business goals through our expertise in ASP.NET Zero, ABP, ASP.NET Core, Angular, SQL and Azure.

Framework Expertise
  • ASP.NET Zero, ASP.NET Boilerplate ASP.NET MVC (3,4,5)
  • Reactjs
  • Azure, AWS, Azure Devops(CI/CD), Pipelines, Azure Web Apps, Background scheduling
  • Nodejs, MEAN Stack
  • MS SQL Server, NoSQL, PostGreSQL,
  • jQuery, Javascript, Ajax
  • ORM: MongoDB, Entity Framework

  • Applications deployed to Azure or AWS
  • Agile methodologies used and tasks accomplished with well-designed sprints
  • Varied architecture approaches employed including Multi-Tenancy, SAAS, Microservices, SOLID principles, Repository pattern and more.
  • Visual integrations for Dashboards and Workflows:
    • Charts (Power BI, Ngx charts, AMCharts, Google Charts, Highcharts, D3.js)
    • Payment gateway Integrations (Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Authorize.net)
    • 3rd party API integration with Human API, QuickBooks, Google
  • Azure API Management
    • Single sign on with Auth0, Okta, Ping and OneLogin
  • Integration with ADFS, Azure AD, Azure B2C
  • UI framework integration for Kendo UI, DevExpress, Telerik and Syncfusion
    • ORM (Entity Framework Code-first | DB-first, LINQ, AutoMapper)
    • MongoDB
    • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Solutions delivered that are well-tested, documented and of high quality by employing Test driven development
  • Integration with Cometchat, Getstream, nopCommerce among others

Features and Capabilities ASP.NET ZERO ABP Commercial
Gets you to business code faster
Saves time with pre-built modules
Simplifies software development without compromising writing utility code and control
Rapid Application Development Toolkit
Source code with complete control
SOLID Architecture
Built-in multi tenancy
Advanced authentication and authorisation
Integrated Cross Platform Mobile Application development
Dynamic UI Localisation
Interactive UI with default theme
Settings Management
Cross Cutting Concerns
Automated Unit and Integration Testing
Easy Integration and Deployment Features
Startup Templates with different technology combinations to accelerate the development journey
Easy to install and upgrade components
Microservices enabled project templates
Modular development

*Source code is available based on license type.