Streamlining IT Initiatives

Product Engineering / Enterprise Application Development

Need For Enterprise Application Development
  • Heterogeneous technologies and platforms evolve independently over a period of time
  • Company mergers and acquisitions create new additions to ecosystems, making it difficult to streamline and strategize IT initiatives with respect to custom applications
  • Custom applications need to meet best practice standards and comply with products already in the enterprise
  • Paradigm shifts in the development lifecycle with shorter spans for development without compromising features
  • Every enterprise product needs to be a SaaS product on its own.

  • Agile Application Development
  • Quick turnaround
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Best practice and standardization
  • Built on latest but stable environment
  • Testing Infrastructure
  • Cloud ready
  • Maintainability with Audit Logging
  • Integration with LOB systems
  • Long term support
Where WAi Adds Value?


Wealth Management: Helping You Deliver Expert Advice

Build a Wealth Management platform intended to grow, manage, and help protect the wealth of its customers. This platform has features for Investment Management, Risk Management, Planning of Estate, Taxes, and Charities.

Wealth Management single case study