Enhanced Application Experience Through Upversioning And Code Migration

We helped a managed healthcare company migrate their major customer-facing production application on ASP.NET Zero to its latest version with minimal downtime and with new and enhanced features. The customer had many challenges with their ASP.NET Zero version of 3.1 to 8.0. We upgraded the ASP.NET Zero from version to version 8.1 wherein the application supported .NET Core 3.1.

  • They needed to refactor these applications to .NET Core 3.1 and deploy them as Docket containers on Azure
  • The app needed a fresh User experience which we provided through our "Big Picture first" design approach.
  • We had to Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations which was critical
  • The customer wanted to streamline and automate deployment for Azure environments.

  • We implemented serverless using Azure API Gateway
  • We worked on the change management requests on the existing application and implemented improved and enhanced features
  • Introduced Single Sign-on with other applications
  • Introduced automated deployment via Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
  • We provided a stable process of up versioning for future versions for the application

Fully functional up versioned application wtih data migration and minimal downtime on production.

.NET Core 3.1, Angular