Getting Cloud Ready

Product Engineering / Enterprise Application Development

Need For Application Modernization
  • Technology has changed with no support for old frameworks
  • New features need to be implemented that cannot be built into a legacy app
  • Scalability issues
  • The legacy app is not cloud ready, or does not take advantage of cloud technologies
  • No integration gateways, the user interface is old and does not match present standards
  • Skills required for maintaining the legacy app are unavailable
  • Businesses evolve, and changes cannot be reflected due to legacy code limitations
  • Outdated Architecture
  • Heavy cost of maintenance compared to latest apps
  • Lack of standardization and mismatch with other ecosystem products offered by vendors
  • Radical improvements in accessibility that mobility has brought in
  • Making development person independent unlike traditional development

App modernization can create several opportunities for SaaS and Enterprise businesses with their competitive landscape.

  • Legacy applications need changes in platform and a complete redesign of the framework to take advantage of cloud technologies
  • Modern apps are deployed in containers or various PaaS services provided cloud platforms
  • Your legacy apps monolith codebase can be distributed and deployed in a microservices enabled infrastructure for better maintainability and scalability

  • WAi Technologies conducts a thorough assessment of your legacy apps
  • We analyze existing application characteristics and identify proven components that the customer wants to retain in the modernized application
  • We also consider the new features required in the modernized application and prepare a matrix consisting of following categories:
    • Built features
    • Features achieved with some configuration
    • Custom coded features
  • Legacy App Modernization takes advantage of DevOps processes including CI / CD

  • $
    Good ROI on earlier investments and substantial reduction in efforts and timeline
  • SaaS
    ASP.NET and ABP.IO are Cloud Ready, Multitenant and SaaS enabled frameworks
  • Easy upgradation of your application with minimal changes in code and rapid introduction of these by employing CI/CD pipelines, to your business users.
  • Access to the latest technologies and tools available
  • With separation of business and framework code, adoption of new feature introduction through upversioning is easy


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