Helping You Deliver Expert Advice

Have you encountered a situation wherein you are working on repetitive tasks and process documents are scattered? In this digital transformation era, we need a centralized eco-system where SOPs can be stored and accessed alongwith task assignments, monitoring, and tracking.

  • Need for an highly customizable platform.
  • IT should be User-centric (designed to be used by wealth advisors)
  • Facilitate efficient workflow to achieve desired goals.
  • Giving a personalized and intuitive user experience for advisors and high net worth individuals.

  • wai developed the wealth management platform for the customer using the ASP.NET Core framework. We built this application as a modern digital front end.
  • The application was a highly customizable, client-centric solution keeping in mind its primary usage by wealth advisors.
  • The use of cutting-edge technology was implemented to create a fast and light application, which worked on different devices, helping you deliver expert advice.
  • It also provided beautiful graphical insights on demand

20% reduction in user workflow time due to enhanced usability

ASP.NET Core, AM Charts, SignalR