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Product Engineering / Rapid Prototyping

Need For Rapid Prototyping
  • Validating your use case
  • Demonstrating a business functionality
  • Creating proof of concept

  • Purpose built to provide the required acceleration freeing up constraints of scope, timeline, budget
  • Foundational modules that can support your business functionality
  • Focus on business functionality allowing for quick development of applications that are cloud ready and fully functional
  • Complete access to source code
  • Latest technologies and best practices required for cloud ready applications
  • Prototyping activities that can be extended to full-fledged application development
These frameworks provide the following built-in foundational modules:

These frameworks provide the following built-in foundational modules:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Security
  • User management
  • Permission roles
  • Audit logging
  • Multi tenancy
  • Localization
  • Exception handling
  • API readiness
  • Support for mobility


Created A Simple And Fast-Booking Portal For Classes And Experiences That Boosted Customer Engagement

Created an Innovative online booking system platform for different events. Made the booking system easy and user- friendly be it single or multiple bookings. Wunder book is a one stop shop for all your services.

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